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Anti-Bribery / Anti-Corruption

Regulators, both in the US and globally, continue to increase their expectations and enforcement of anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) regulations.

In November 2012, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The document brings together the DOJ and SEC enforcement actions, Opinion Releases, and relevant Prosecutorial and Sentencing Guidelines, as well as what they consider to be current compliance best practices.

Any company that operates internationally, not just those who work in countries and industries considered to be “high risk”, must ensure that it has implemented effective, consistent and enforceable anti-bribery programs. Specifically, the programs need to extend not just to your employees, but to any third parties acting on your behalf.

Hiperos recognizes that organizations transact business through hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of third parties. Hiperos FCPA, an application of the Hiperos 3PM SaaS platform, enables organizations to implement, manage and enforce consistent and objective ABAC compliance programs for their third parties.

With Hiperos FCPA, companies can quickly identify and manage all 3rd parties subject to the ABAC regulations and focus their resources on those third parties deemed to be of high risk. Hiperos FCPA has been benchmarked to assess and manage the initial and ongoing ABAC risk associated with hundreds of thousands of third parties.

Third Party Management Process 

Anti Bribery and Corruption - Third Party Management Process

Compliance Training for Anti-Bribery / Anti-Corruption

For many organizations, training is central to their ABAC program. This may include training on corporate ABAC policies and procedures or Code of Conduct, as well as collection of attestations. Hiperos Training allows you to make training an integral part of your third party ABAC program. With Hiperos Training, you can deliver and manage targeted, timely and appropriate training on a one time or continuous basis to specific third parties as well as to individual learners within those organizations. Learn More