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Compliance Training

Compliance Training – Essential to Successful 3rd Party Management

Hiperos Training allows you to make training an integral part of your third party compliance management activity. With Hiperos Training, you can deliver and manage targeted, timely and appropriate training on a one-time or continuous basis to specific third parties as well as to individual learners within those organizations.

Ongoing due diligence of your third parties is essential to effective risk, compliance and performance management. Companies are under increasing pressure from regulators to deliver training as part of an effective compliance program. Your executive and line of business management may require training to be delivered as part of your vendor and distributor risk management or performance management programs. Bottom line, training needs to be considered as an integral and integrated component of managing your third parties.

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Today’s Training Initiatives

Hiperos customers implement Hiperos Training to address a variety of training initiatives, including:

Rapid Time to Value

Unlike traditional Learning Management Systems, Hiperos Training is fully integrated with a company’s third party management initiatives and is pre-configured to provide out of the box programs that allow you to deliver consistent, scalable, personalized and measurable training. This includes:

  • Training request and approval to individual learners within 3rd party organizations
  • Attestation management
  • Testing and effectiveness tracking
  • Scorecards, metrics, reports and audit trail

Enterprise-Level Scalability

Hiperos Training has been implemented by some of the largest corporations in the world to deliver and manage training to their more than 100,000 third parties. Hiperos Training has been benchmarked to deliver and manage training to in excess of 500,000 individual learners.

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