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Hiperos simplifies 3rd party management for today's top companies

Delivering a Flexible Solution for a Complex Environment

Hiperos assesses the risk, monitors the compliance and measures the performance of over 60,000 3rd parties for this Fortune 100 financial service company. The Hiperos solution maintains all 3rd party information, pushes the appropriate data to multiple ERP systems, and acts as the single control point for measuring, monitoring and communicating with all 3rd parties.

"The Hiperos solution supports our complex requirements and has the flexibility to address the changing demands of internal stakeholders and external regulators.

- Director, Vendor Management

Hiperos Helps Bank Address 3rd Party Compliance

Hiperos enables the deployment, collection, and reporting of core risk assessments for this major North American bank to support regulatory compliance for the bank’s 3rd parties. Risk areas include privacy, geopolitical, information security, financial viability, effectiveness of controls and contingency planning.

"Hiperos addressed our key 3rd party risk assessment needs. The Hiperos team listened to our input for enhancements and has already delivered many of them."

- Head of Supplier Risk Management

Simplifying Complex Risk Assessments

With more than $4 billion of goods and services being handled by 3rd parties, this major North American bank approached Hiperos to help assess each relationship, calculate risk scores and segment 3rd parties according to risk profiles. Hiperos 3PM then determines the elements required to mitigate risk, communicates them to each line of business and monitors compliance.

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"Hiperos has been great to work with throughout our implementation. They have fully listened to our feedback and have been able to quickly deliver enhancements."

- Head of Supplier Risk Management

Hiperos Risk Assessment Process Creates Powerful Competitive Advantage

Hiperos was selected by a $4 billion software provider to manage a global 3rd party provider delivering services in over 40 countries to build a 3rd party risk assessment process, and to develop more than 30 supporting compliance programs (e.g., PCI, PII, SPI, SAS 70, business continuity, code of conduct, disaster recovery, insurance certifications, etc.)

"Being able to assess risk, put preventive measures in place and add a means to better manage contractual obligations results in a very powerful competitive advantage that brings real value to the enterprise."

- VP, Enterprise Supplier Management

Hiperos Delivers Efficient 3PM Solution

Hiperos tracks hundreds of different capabilities for potential and existing emerging-market 3rd parties for this Fortune 50 high-tech manufacturer. Based on the initial success, future plans include using Hiperos 3PM to track areas such as diversity, environmental health and safety compliance, annual quality certifications, and REACH.

"Hiperos impressed us with their ability to efficiently meet our requirements and add value to our business. As Hiperos gains exposure across other business units, there is a clear demand to exponentially grow the solution."

- Commodity Manager/Project Lead

Hiperos 3PM Creates Collaborative Environment

This global hardware and software provider selected Hiperos 3PM to communicate and collaborate with its many 3rd party providers—including Accenture, Xerox, SCS, Jones Lang LaSalle and Hewitt. The Hiperos solution also provides a consistent method for measuring and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), service level agreements (SLAs) and compliance for hundreds of millions of dollars in 3rd party contracts.

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"The flexibility of the Hiperos solution allows us to set up performance, compliance and sustainability programs across every type of relationship we manage. It truly promotes the effective use of measurement and pay-for-performance contracts."

- Senior Director, Global Sourcing Services

Hiperos Delivers Simple Solution to Facilities Management

When an IT management software company engaged a facilities management firm to handle five million square feet across 135 offices in 39 countries, its system of multiple spreadsheets to communicate, monitor and track performance was too complex. The company turned to Hiperos for a solution that simplified the process, was easy to implement and received 100% buy-in from all internal and 3rd party users.

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"The biggest validation of the new process was the result from our first scorecard. Every global participant was supportive of the new process and clearly understood the value."

- VP, Global Administrative Services