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Due Diligence

Organizations often do a good job conducting comprehensive due diligence when a new 3rd party relationship is being formed: assessing financial viability, watch list checking of key employees, conducting an Information Security audit, collecting appropriate documents and certificates.

A strategic or material relationship might require a dozen or more due diligence programs. However, once the initial due diligence process has been completed, few organizations ever revisit the process because of the sheer magnitude of the task. Given the size of many organizations' supplier base, even watch list checking all providers can be a difficult and expensive endeavor.

Hiperos Due Diligence enables both the initial and ongoing due diligence to be automated and automatically validated and manages the intervention of specific employees. With Hiperos Due Diligence, even the largest organizations can effectively keep on top of all of supplier hygiene without staffing out a large team to do so manually.