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Schools, universities, academies and vocational schools, testing organizations all rely on third parties to provide portions of their services or content, to maintain their facilities, to find and provide talent, to supply them with needed goods. Even educators can be engaged as third parties. As in almost every segment of business, third party engagement in education continues to rise.

Managing the diverse third party providers and complying with federal and local regulations affects everything from the textbooks being used to the security teams in place to protect students and faculty. Many third parties also have access to internal systems which may contain critical information about students, their parents and faculty that must remain confidential.

As a single source of truth for all third party relationships, Hiperos 3PM™tracks which third parties have access to sensitive information, monitors activity and changes, as well as providing in-depth reports, dashboards and alerts. With so many third parties engaged and reporting such an important aspect of the educational system, it’s imperative to have a clear and continuous view of every third party relationship. Hiperos offers a SaaS solution for engaging, managing and monitoring third parties whether you are a school district, a university or any business engaged in education.


  • Improve the accuracy and quantity and security of supplier and third party information
  • Manage third party performance
  • Maintain an accessible single source of truth for third party information
  • Monitor third party compliance with regulations, trade and commerce laws
  • React quickly to incidents with an always available audit trail