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The world’s leading technology companies don’t react to change – they create change.

In order to successfully deliver competitively differentiated products, leading companies need to react appropriately to market demands and an increasingly complex business environment: anticipating global product requirements, operating short product lifecycles, managing a complex global supply chain and working within the confines of an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment.

Hiperos 3PM Technology is the leading SaaS solution for managing 3rd parties for the technology industry.

Hiperos has developed processes and products that address responsible procurement, regulatory and corporate compliance, 3rd party risk, supplier performance, supply chain risk and performance. Our comprehensive Supplier Health program helps address the challenges of short product lifecycles by ensuring companies develop lean and flexible supply chains that maximize efficiencies and enables the supplier to quickly respond to predictable or unpredictable circumstances. Our solutions address the requirements of complex global sourcing, multi-site manufacturing, contract manufacturing and assembly operations for the technology industry.

Today Hiperos is working with some of the largest companies around the world, including the world’s largest software company. The product is deployed in 39 languages across 137 countries worldwide. 3PM Technology includes programs designed specifically to support the disparate requirements of specific lines of business and internal teams including legal, compliance, risk, finance, procurement, supplier management and HR.

Hiperos Offerings for the Technology Sector

Hiperos 3PM Technology provides actionable intelligence that can help drive not only supplier performance, but an overall 360 degree view of your 3rd parties' businesses impact on risk.

Regulatory Compliance & Ethics

3PM Technology includes modules designed to help you manage your 3rd parties and address specific regulations including:

  • Anti-bribery Anti-corruption (FCPA)

  • Conflict Minerals compliance

  • Other regulations affecting materials administered by the OEHHA, EPA, CPSC

  • RoHS (European Commission and local equivalents in Asia Pacific and Turkey)

  • Electronic Waste Recycling Act

  • Company-specific supplier or vendor code of conduct

  • Company specific requirements for worker health and safety, sustainability, ethical sourcing

  • Sustainablity: GESI, GRI

  • Social Accountability (human trafficking, child labor)

3rd Party Monitoring and Performance Management

3PM Technology includes "out-of-the-box" modules to ensure continuous assessment and monitoring of your 3rd parties:

Supply Chain Initiatives

Managing risk in your supply chain is critical for any organization.  Supply chains are the lifeblood of your business.  Hiperos can help you manage your 3rd parties to optimize their value and reduce their risk to your supply chain with the following initiatives:

  • Supply Chain Resiliency

  • Supply Chain Risk

  • Supplier Registration and On-boarding

  • Product Counterfeiting

  • Product Specifications

  • Time to Recovery

  • Supplier Portal Collaboration and Consolidation

  • Control Tower

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