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OCEG Illustrated Series


OCEG is a nonprofit think tank that helps organizations achieve Principled Performance. Based on customer experience, OCEG has put together a new illustrated series on Third Party Management.

The illustrations below are meant to give a birds-eye view of a particular third party management process from end-to-end. The illustrations are meant to be a guide to a successful Third Party Management Program that includes risk management, compliance management, performance management and information management.

Managing 3rd Party Infosec Risk

Cyber attacks cost businesses more than $400 billion in 2015. In this illustration we define the key steps of the process and identify what the future holds for third party information security management.

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Learn Your Business Context for Principled Performance

Principled Performance is all about being able to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.

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Integrated 3rd Party Management

View the entire third party lifecycle including risk, compliance, performance and information management.

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Third Party Risk Management in Financial Services

Banks and other financial services providers that use an integrated technology based management system can establish effective control throughout the third party lifecycle.

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Managing Supply Chain Risk

Supply chains present almost unimaginable complexity, often having an undefined and ill-managed number of levels with various parties involved across multiple supply chains.

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Third Party Anti-Corruption Management

Managing third parties for bribery and corruption risk requires a consistent, technology supported approach.

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