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Life Sciences

3PM Life Sciences is the leading SaaS solution for managing 3rd parties for the life sciences industry.

Today’s Life Sciences Industry faces the daunting challenges of navigating global health-care reform, delivering innovation and value, complying with regulatory changes, and operating in a global, yet more inter-connected world. All while expanding the use of and dependence on an increasing number and type of third parties: API’s, CROs. CMOs, off-shore providers, independent contractors, international laboratories, as well as sales and marketing intermediaries.

Life Science companies (Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Equipment and Research, Testing and Medical Laboratories) are all challenged with identifying and managing the risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and maximizing performance across thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of third parties while increasing speed to market and reducing cost.

Working with some of the largest Life Science companies around the world, Hiperos has developed a process designed to address the unique requirements of Life Sciences companies.

Hiperos provides the leading solution for managing and monitoring third parties. For the first time ever, companies can accurately identify all of their third parties, understand what business they’re doing with them and automatically manage them in accordance with the risks that they pose – in a way that is efficient and cost-effective. Hiperos enables Life Science firms to remove many of the current inefficiencies, siloed and duplicative efforts and by using technology to help continuously assess, monitor and manage third parties from onboarding, through risk determination, compliance requirements and performance, Hiperos helps optimize and control third party interactions.

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  • Improve the accuracy and quantity of third party information
  • Manage third party performance, quality and innovation
  • Protect brand, revenue and reputation
  • Reduce third party and supplier administration costs
  • Monitor third party regulatory compliance
  • Optimize time to market
  • React quickly to incidents with an always available audit trail