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Reputational Risk

"Brand damage is when a third party loses your information and all of a sudden you are on the front page of the Wall Street Journal."-VP, Fortune 100 Bank

Reputational Risk

Exposure is not just what companies pay a third party to deliver a business function or service—it is the fallout if something goes wrong. If not managed effectively, third parties can cause significant reputational and brand risk. The cost of recovering from such a loss is more than just dollars; rebuilding reputation, market cap and customer trust is a daunting process.

Simplify the Complexity

Hiperos 3rd Party Management (3PM) helps minimize the risk by simplifying the process of managing and monitoring compliance requirements across multiple organizations, services and geographies. Hiperos 3PM enables companies to:

  • Accelerate implementation times using pre-built compliance program templates
  • Launch compliance programs using a flexible rules engine that controls risk and provides consistent enforcement of policies
  • Ensure required visibility with easy-to-configure dashboards
  • Highlight problem areas using a powerful scoring feature