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Information Management

The Hiperos NetworkTM
A better way to share, manage and monitor third party information.

Third parties come in many forms: suppliers, vendors, distributors, resellers, agents, affiliates and so on. No matter what they are called, regulators and customers are increasingly holding companies accountable for their third parties’ actions. 

Consequently, more and more companies turn to the Hiperos Network to help them work more effectively and efficiently with third parties to control regulatory, revenue and reputational risks.

At the heart of an effective third party risk management program is information. The Hiperos Network is an online global platform that simplifies and standardizes the collection, maintenance, and communication of critical third party information.

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The Hiperos Network makes managing third party risk information easier and more cost-effective 

The Hiperos Network enables a community of companies, including the organization asking for information and the organization responding to a request, to collaborate on improving the management of third party risk information.

By standardizing due diligence questions and storing third party information centrally, the Hiperos Network makes managing risk information easier and more cost-effective for both sides of the relationship. Third parties control who can view their information. Standardized questionnaires, such as Shared Assessments’ SIG, allow third parties to store and reuse responses for multiple requests across products and services, significantly reducing response time and effort.

Information collection, validation, monitoring and third party event responses are automated to save time and reduce resource requirements.

Hiperos Network

Key Features

  • A single book of third party records
  • Accessible to all stakeholders in the relationship
  • Standard processes ensure consistent best practices
  • Connect to and centralize information from internal systems
  • Collaborative approach 




  • Fast
    • Accurate data readily available
    • Network manages Information
    • Accelerate time to market

  • Efficient
    • Based on Shared Assessments’ SIG questionnaire
    • Standard, simplified processes increase adoption
    • Process more third parties with fewer resources
    • A single, auditable record
    • Cost-effective

  • Meet regulatory requirements
    • Enable Due Diligence
    • Assess InfoSec preparedness
    • Respond to changes
    • Reduce/Mitigate Risk


Third Parties

  • Fast
    • Answer questions once for use across multiple requests
    • Updates reach all approved network participants at once
    • Reduce sales cycle
  • Efficient
    • Consistent questions based on industry standards
    • Easier to maintain
    • Respond to more requests with fewer resources
    • A single, auditable record
    • Cost-effective

  • Meet regulatory requirements
    • Provide responses to regulatory needs
    • Provide updates to meet changes
    • Your InfoSec Info on Demand


Hiperos Network Resources

Did you receive a request for information through Hiperos Network and have more questions? Read our Responder FAQs.