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Supplier Registration

Supplier registration, and the process of onboarding new suppliers and collecting consistent, accurate information on new suppliers, continues to be a major issue for many organizations.

Hiperos Supplier Registration addresses your needs for external facing "walk-up" registration as well as internal "Supplier Request" initiation, allowing you to:

  • begin supplier onboarding
  • initiate appropriate due diligence processes
  • enforce corporate supplier risk management programs

External Supplier Registration

Potential suppliers can now self-register, directly from your main website, in order to be considered for future sourcing opportunities. Requirements for programs such as Supplier Diversity compliance are handled either during the initial registration phase or during the subsequent onboarding assessment.

New Supplier Requests

Your internal users can now request to register new suppliers, directly from their Hiperos dashboard. The process automatically triggers approval processes or requests more information for inclusion as a potential supplier – and triggers your onboarding processes.