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Supply Chain Resilience

According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum: Building Resilience in Supply Chains, business and governments are increasingly concerned about the lack of resilience that exists in global supply chains.

The report* reveals that 80% of companies worldwide consider better protection of supply chains to be a priority. The drivers for this include persisting external threats and vulnerabilities such as oil dependence and information fragmentation.

The concept of supply chain resilience is not new. Your organization may have had a number of supply chain management initiatives for some time. However, turning the concept into reality across thousands or tens of thousands of suppliers can be a big challenge.

Working with some of the largest manufacturers in the world, with the most complex supply chains, Hiperos has developed a framework for identifying, analyzing and managing supply chain risk. Leveraging innovative technology and proven methodology, Hiperos customers have implemented consistent, collaborative, automated, managed risk-based processes that make their supply chains more resilient.

* The World Economic Forum’s Building Resilience in Supply Chains report is an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Risk Response Network in collaboration with Accenture.