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3PM Platform

Hiperos 3PM™ is the market leading solution for third party management. As companies increasingly engage third parties - suppliers, vendors, contract manufacturers, resellers, service companies, brokers, agents, distributors, contractors, franchisees, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, captives and other entities – to drive their revenues, Hiperos 3PM is the only solution developed from the ground up to address the complex third party management requirements of the Global 2000.

Today Hiperos 3PM has been implemented by the “Who’s Who” of companies across different industries including Financial Services, Energy, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical, who recognize that inadequate third party management can result in reputational impact, regulatory exposure and revenue loss.

At Hiperos, we understand that the global regulatory environment is increasingly driving the need for third party risk management. Companies, while under pressure to do more with less, are also looking to address the growing costs and resources associated with managing tens of thousands of third party relationships. 3PM™ is exceptional in its proven ability to help protect companies by continuously identifying and managing third party risk – and to control costs and optimize the resources associated with third party management.

Third Party Management with Hiperos 3PM

Our customers have implemented Hiperos 3PM™ to address a growing set of requirements associated with the management of third parties, including:

Planning »Onboarding » Master Data Management » Supplier Portal / Registration » Due Diligence » Risk Scoring and Management » Contract Risk Management » Sub-contractor Risk Management » Regulatory Compliance »

Compliance Management »

Performance Management »

Quick to Ramp Up, Intuitive to Use

Hiperos has developed best-practice templates to satisfy these requirements enabling our customers to implement Hiperos 3PM™ and go live in days (versus months or years). With the industry’s most user-friendly, intuitive interface, our customers are in control of change, as it happens in their business, driving down cost of ownership and optimizing the value of their third party relationships.

Our customers’ third parties are the vast majority of Hiperos 3PM™ users, and much care and resource has been put into optimizing the user experience, developing simple-to-use, intuitive dashboards and reporting. Because Hiperos 3PM™ is so easy to use and has a minimal learning curve, we have seen very high rates of adoption by our customers’ users and their third parties.

All Hiperos customers have invested in multiple systems to address their corporate procurement, accounts payable, supply chain, governance and other requirements. Many are leveraging external content and data. Hiperos 3PM™ provides tremendous value to those systems by automating and managing the interaction between our third party management environment and the enterprise systems already in place.