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About Hiperos

Hiperos is an Opus Global company. We were founded with a single focus – to help our customers get more value from their third parties and third party relationships.

Company Overview

Today, Hiperos customers engage with their third parties in 182 countries worldwide, and depend on the Hiperos 3PM™ platform to control the risks and optimize the value of their third party relationships.

We have earned the business of some of the greatest brands in the world who leverage the Hiperos Network and the power of Hiperos 3PM™ to protect their organizations against reputational impact, regulatory exposure and revenue loss.

We recognize the ever-increasing pressure on organizations to do more with less in an environment where the number of third parties, third party relationships, regulations, elements of risk, and costs continue to increase, with no signs of a slowdown. Our dedication to optimize the user experience and create innovative ways for our customers to take control and do more with less has led to the highest user adoption rates, and the lowest cost of ownership.

Whatever your current or future business drivers for third party management, Hiperos is there to support you every step of the way; from initial planning and due diligence, to risk management, regulatory compliance requirements, compliance management, onboarding, contract risk management, and performance management, Hiperos solutions are proven to make you and your third party relationships more effective. And to ensure you drive value in days and weeks, not months and years.